The DRG System – What is This New Tech?

For many years, the idea of an implant monitoring our vitals or managing aspects of our health seemed like a farfetched piece of science fiction. But in the past couple of decades, technology has advanced such that these synthetic devices are seeing use. Now Abbott has developed the ProclaimTM DRG System to help people who suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) achieve some amount of normalcy in their lives.

What Does DRG Even Mean?

Before we get into what the system does, we should explain these acronyms being thrown around. The DRG or dorsal root ganglion or sometimes called a spinal ganglion is in the, you guessed it, spine. Our spine, as many know, houses a complex system of our body’s nerves, transmitting information throughout it like a biological internet. The DRG is the most common sensory ganglion in our body, which houses a cluster of neuronal cell bodies containing all the sensory nerve fibers in the spinal nerve. So, medical jargon aside, they’re a vital part of our body since they transmit sensory information throughout the nervous system up to our brains. Things like changes in temperature, touch sensations, and, of course, pain are some of the bits of information that work their way through the DRG.

Abbott’s ProclaimTM DRG System

The handy implant stimulates a patient’s DRG and reduces pain sensations that travel through it from the lower body specifically. This fascinating technology communicates with iOS devices via Bluetooth┬« to allow patients and medical practitioners easy control over the system’s beneficial functions. The implant is minimally invasive and can be removed as needed, whether for an upgrade or if a patient’s condition no longer warrants it. Also, it’s MRI-friendly (up to a certain point.)

The system works by disrupting those pain signals sent by the DRG. Small electromagnetic pulses stop them from reaching your brain, providing instant relief to hard-to-treat areas of the body. That means less need for pain medication, therapies, or more invasive and costly surgeries. As the data proves, DRG stimulation shows long-term relief of CRPS in patients.

Should I Get a DRG implant?

Every person has their own journey with pain, chronic or otherwise. CRPS is one of the most challenging conditions to treat because it is difficult to find the source and how intense the pain can be for patients. If you don’t know, CRPS occurs when the peripheral or central nervous system malfunctions from disease or injury, creating acute, excruciating pain.

If you suffer from CRPS, then you may want to consult your physician about getting the ProclaimTM DRG System implant. You may find that the benefits outweigh the minimal risks, saving you time and money for the myriad treatments that are often ineffective. With DRG stimulation, you can return to some normalcy and escape the constant irritation of chronic pain. Many patients find themselves becoming more active and social than they have in years after the minor surgery involved.

TruWell now offers Abbott’s ProclaimTM DRG System, and we would love to see you experience long-term pain relief. Please get in touch with our specialists at

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