The Benefits of IV Therapy

Conventional pain treatments involve medications, and sometimes surgery, which can mean an even longer recovery. So how can you get relief without the extra hassle? The answer is IV infusion therapy.

That’s where our team at TruWell Health comes in to help. We offer IV therapy for a variety of conditions, including arthritis. Dr. Lora Brown and Dr. Michael MacMillan specialize in IV therapy along with regenerative medicine to ease all of your orthopedic conditions.

What’s IV therapy?

Traditionally, IV therapy is used while you’re in the hospital to keep you hydrated and replenish your electrolytes after a bout of sickness or surgery. However, more recently, IV therapy has morphed into its own type of treatment for various conditions, as well as cosmetic rejuvenation.

For this type of treatment, you’ll need to endure a quick needle stick. One of our providers puts a needle into your arm, directly into a vein. Once in the vein, the needle is removed, leaving just a tiny plastic catheter in your vein. An IV bag containing saline and vitamins is then connected to your arm. Once you’re ready, our providers start the infusion.

Infusions usually take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’re getting. During the infusion, our staff monitors you to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions. Once the infusion is complete, we take the IV catheter out of your arm and apply a dressing that you keep on until you get home.

Ingredients in the mix

The ingredients in our IV therapy bags really depend on what Dr. Brown and Dr. MacMillan are treating you for. We offer a lot of different types of nutrients in our vitamin IV therapy bags including:

Vitamin C

When you think of Vitamin C, you probably think of oranges and a boost to your immunity. In an infusion, this important vitamin helps you to combat stress, protect the cells in your body, and boost your immune system. Although your body does store a tiny amount of this vitamin, it’s quickly used up during times of stress to combat the hormone cortisol.

B Vitamins

These vitamins are very important to the health of your nerves. There are many different types of B vitamins, all of which help with nerve-related problems. If you’re suffering from nerve pain from a variety of chronic disorders, a B vitamin IV infusion can help with pain, along with symptoms like depression.


This is a very important mineral to your body. It has many positive effects on your entire system, but for our purpose, it helps to block NMDA receptors in the brain. These receptors play a role in the feeling of pain. Magnesium helps to calm the nerves associated with these receptors to reduce pain signals.


Lidocaine is a substance that wears many hats; from a powerful numbing medication to a potent pain reliever. For chronic pain from arthritis, this IV ingredient blocks pain signals from your neural cells. This leads to fast relief from pain.

Your IV therapy may also contain other trace minerals, calcium, and vitamins, all depending on what the condition is that you’re being treated for. Each ingredient helps you in a different way and lets your body heal naturally.

Benefits you’ll experience

IV infusion therapy has a slew of positive benefits, not only for conditions like arthritis, but also for your overall health. It’s also a very convenient way to get pain relief from chronic conditions, where other treatments aren’t successful. Some of the advantages of IV therapy you can expect include:

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved ability to fight fatigue
  • Boosted immune system

Our IV solutions are especially suited for osteoarthritis sufferers. Because this condition is degenerative, it can be difficult to manage with medications and other types of therapy. Opioid pain medications can help, but they have many side effects and aren’t good for long-term use. Some of the benefits you’ll experience with IV therapy for arthritis include:

  • Less pain all over
  • Slowing of progression of arthritis
  • Accelerated natural healing
  • A decrease in inflammation

Another benefit of this treatment is how quickly it works in your bloodstream. Unlike oral medications that have to go through your gastrointestinal tract, the IV solution gets absorbed into your bloodstream right away, meaning quicker and more effective results.

If you’re tired of being let down by traditional therapies,, call our office at 727-361-2162 or book an appointment online today to learn more about our IV therapy program.



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