Marilyn M.
If you are looking for a pain management provider, Dr Lora Brown is for you. I suffered chronic back pain for many years. Could not even bend without terrible pain. I tried everything from different medication to epidural injections. Went to Dr. Brown and she did an ablation to the nerves in my lower vertebrae. Now, I can bend without pain! Do yard work again! Because of her procedure, I will not need major back surgery having a cage pit around my spine. I went from a daily pain level 9 to daily 0. Yes, it can happen.

Sherry S.
It’s been 2 years since my knee injections, and they truly have made an old knee new! I commend Dr. Brown and her team

Kimberly C.
Wow! EVERYONE in the entire TruWell office is exceptional- front desk, office manager,PA, Dr Brown- amazing! The communication from everyone is so comforting- everyone makes sure you are comfortable, clear on what is happening in the office, careful in explaining problems/solutions, and, letting you know they are genuinely concerned about why you are there. I personally feel hopeful about my pain management for the first time in a long time! Additionally, the office itself is immaculate, modern, spa-like.

Francis L.
Finally someone who takes the time to explain a plan. Thank you Dr Brown and your team

Robert H.
Entire staff is very efficient & caring. I was most impressed with the time you’re given and they listen to your issues and explain procedures to correct. You’re not just a number

Ray P.
I feel I was well looked after .Dr.Brown and staff are well trained and very professional.

Wanda D.
Very nice and great at what she does

Judith W.
The saying goes ‘there’s always room for improvement’, but I can’t imagine where. These caregivers were concerned, informative and helpful.

Ellen B.
Good timing for everything Great team

Contance L.
Always respectful of your time. A true health care professional that cares.

Lauren R.
Dr Brown is the only doctor in Tampa Bay that Has given me relief

Edward T.
Dr. Brown has all the qualities a physician should have….she’s smart, she examines you, she listens and she cares. Put those all together and you get the quality care every patient deserves. She’s truly interested in getting you back to a liveable lifestyle.

Sandra D.
Excellent experiences every time we come. The physicians are superb as is the staff. Knowledge, skills, and bedside manners are primary goals which I am great full for. Thank you, Dr. Brown and all the staff.

Ronald N.
Very good

Mary L.
Dr brown is motivated to cure no matter what. In her effort to cure me while giving me lots painful shots she said she would cut her losses and stop. I breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t … BUT with the last one she said “ I got it” I was relieved and so was she. This was more complicated than expected . I hope it works. More will be revealed. It was in an effort to diagnose my Pain the in best way for further treatment. Mary S lynch

Pete A.
Staff very professional, very patient while answering all my questions to my satisfaction

Karen D.
Great, compassionate Doctor and staff! Tx provided relief and plan of care discussed. Continued relief expected. Thank

Jeff S.
The office and staff are well-organized. The medical history and examination/ diagnosis of my problem was done timely and rigorously. Treatment options, risks and alternatives were discussed. Highly recommended.

Gary A.
Very warm welcome and great service

Suzanne T.
I had a nerve ablation in my neck. Within a couple of days, I felt relief. First time I’ve had such relief in a long long time! Not quite 100% but will be soon! DR. BROWN has been my savior! I can’t say enough about what she had done to help me with the chronic pain I’ve had since having shoulder surgery over 2 years ago. If I did not have Dr. Brown, I would not be where I am today! She’s the best!!!

Sandra S.
Dr. Brown and her entire staff are very professional, caring, and take the time to listen to their patients needs. I highly recommend Truwell Health for a great healing experience.

Ronald R.
Easy loving Respected for my time too. Walked into an office filled with love. All angels every single one.

Joan L.
He is taking one step at a time for pain. Going to use Black label salve, I called Lisa today to order Her message said she was busy or could not find her phone. Really? This is who I am going to for a medical product? Joan Lander

Jacqueline E.
Well, i was thrilled to meet all of you! Gee, 3 professionals taking notice of my condition! Where does that happen?? I also feel the plan described is logical and the way i should proceed. Looking forward to continued help and…..feeling better!!! Jaclyn Swenningsen Elshoff

Patricia M.
I love Dr. Brown and her whole staff. Very caring and concerned about your welfare.

Jean T.
Saw Dr Brown today for pain management. She was very thorough & focused on how she could beat help my particular problem. Not a cookie-cutter answer. She offered a couple of solid options & was happy to offer continued care going further. The office was amazing -beautiful, super clean & friendly staff. Short wait time too. Exceptional service!!

Ellie K.
If you’re searching for a caring physician Dr Lora Brown is the doctor for you! Best thing is she’s also very knowledgeable and up to date on the many choices I’ve needed for arthritis and pain control.

John F.
I was thoroughly impressed with Dr Brown and her staff upon my first visit to TruWell Health. I was nervous being seen in person but was very satisfied with all the covid precautions taken in her office. Dr Brown was personable as well as professional, insuring me could help me with my difficult situation. Her kindness and compassion, as well as the kindness of all her staff, was very much appreciated. I feel I am on the right path with Dr Brown and look forward to working with her. Very satisfied.

Alan S.
Dr. brown has completly turned my life around. Other doctors wanted to do surgery on both of my knees, after my consultation with her she discussed other options for me. We decided to go with injections, which were covered by my insurance. After 5 weeks of treatments in each knee, with physical therapy at her office I was finished with her regimens. It’s now 1 year later and I am completely without pain. I’m back to the way I used to feel before my knees started to fail me. I’m looking forward to seeing how long I feel this way before I need a refresher treatment. Thank you Dr. Brown!!!! You are a ANGEL!

Gian_carlo T.
Kind doctor trying to help the patient. It doesn’t happen very often to find such person.

Margaret J.
Dr. Brown and her staff are the best! Professional, caring with fantastic results.

Steven N.
Superb office staff and very knowledgeable and professional physician

Eleanor K.
Dr. L. Brown is brilliant! Listens and answers any questions you might have. (no matter how big or small) She has helped me so much since the first appointment I had with her. Also, I’ve been to many physicians and Dr. Lara Brown is by far the most caring and compassionate doctor I’ve ever been to. I’d recommend her to any person considering being treated for arthritis and the pain that goes with it.

Ellen B.
After weeks of physical therapy two shots in my back I finally received ablation of the nerve my pain is ALL GONE thanks to the caring treatment from Dr. Lara Brown she is something special.

Karen S.
I feel very comfortable with Dr. Brown and I’m confident she will be able to help me. The staff are very friendly and the office is nice, modern and clean.

Roberta K.
Love your staff…..great atmosphere and success.

Richard A.
My wife saw a posting on Facebook about Truwell. I belive the article said Truwell specialized in joint pain. I have a bad knee and have been told that it needs to be replaced. I have put off the surgery for a couple of years now, as I have never felt confident of having this done so I took a chance and set up an appointment at Truwell. The doctor that saw me for my initial evaluation was Dr Lora Brown. The office was modern, clean, and appeared very well organized. While seeing Dr. Brown, she not only discussed the problems with my knee but she spoke with me about my overall health and advised me as to how to better take care of myself. As for the knee, after her evaluation she said she felt as though a new knee was not in order and, with her recommendations, I should not need a knee replacement for years to come. She recommended a series of five injections to the affected area of my knee coupled with five weeks of physical therapy. I have completed three of the five weeks of therapy and also had three of the five injections. My knee feels great and the physical therapy aimed at strengthening the muscles around the knee seem to be doing exactly as they were intended. Two injections to go and my knee already feels great.

Gian_carlo T.
I haven’t seen the website. However, I have been in St Petersburg for several years and Dr Brown is the best physician I have met. She is warm, caring, ready to find a solution for the patient. I wish to thank her.

Marilyn W.
I found Dr. Brown to be very responsive to any of my issues. She listens very well and also understands how pain can impact a patient’s lifestyle. It’s also very nice to come into an office that spotlessly clean and everyone is so friendly. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how quickly I am taking in for treatment. There’s no long wait time. They do an excellent job of scheduling to make sure you have enough time with the doctor and not spend all your time in the waiting room.

Jack F.
As retired dental specialist I have given lectures on ” Patient Oriented Dental Practices ” at many dental meetings. DR. Brown & her staff are all 5 star. They are unbelievable

Pamela S.
You will NEVER find a more patient, caring, knowledgeable, wonderful doctor than Dr. Brown. She doesn’t just treat your pain. She listens and treats the whole person!! I will be forever grateful to have found her and her absolutely wonderful staff!!!!!

Dianne O.
Dr. Brown has been my doctor for many years. Not only is she kind, compassionate but she is so professional. She has diagnosed my issues when no one else could ( including MAYO). If only more doctors had her concern and knowledge for their patients!

Steven G.
professional experience, comfortable environment. Dr. Brown conducted in depth exam, took the time to explain diagnosis and path forward clearly

Diana S.
Dr. Brown brings experience, compassion and clear explanations to the management of back pain issues.

Robert N.

Christopher B.
Dr Brown is very knowledgeable and made the complicated very simple to understand, I recommend her highly.

Steven F.
Dr. Brown and her staff are so caring. Besides being so professional they are down to earth to understand your issues. I have enjoyed working with this company and would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone

Richard A.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit today. Everyone I spoke with seemed knowledgable, were very cordial and very professional. Dr. Brown was very thorough with her examination, educated me well and discussed all of my health issues even though most of them were not related to the reason for my visit. I am looking forward to my upcoming appointment.

Christian A.
I have made over 12 visits to this clinic, and the team has always been punctual, efficient, safe and professional.

Roberta K.
Beautiful offices. Dr. Brown and her crew were very thorough and thoughtful. Service was painless and Dr. Brown was tremendously informative. Highly recommend.