Sports injuries are one of the most common causes of pain today — and that includes chronic pain from untreated injuries, too. If you see the TruWell Health team for nonsurgical sports injury treatment quickly, you can be on the road to full recovery in record time. The experienced team can also help you improve your strength and function to reach a new level of fitness. To learn how the unique nonsurgical recovery plan can help you, call the St. Petersburg, Florida, office or book an appointment online.

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What are sports injuries?

Sports injuries occur during exercise or sports play. In general, sports injuries respond to treatment extremely well, but if you ignore an injury or try to play through the pain, permanent damage is possible.

What causes sports injuries?

There are a few main reasons for sports injuries. Accidents, such as falls or collisions with other players, are always possible. In many cases, however, more preventable factors lead to sports injuries. Examples include:

  • Wearing the wrong (or inadequate) protective gear
  • Too little training
  • Poor form, like using unsafe weightlifting practices
  • Overexertion, including working out too hard or too long
  • Failure to warm up before working out or playing

Sometimes, other hidden factors can play a role in sports injuries, too. For example, if you have arthritis-related joint degeneration but aren’t aware of it yet, your joints could be more vulnerable to injury during high-impact exercise.

What are the most common forms of sports injuries?

Some common sports injuries in adults include:

  • Sprains: Ligament injury
  • Strains: Tendon injury
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome: Knee injury
  • Tendinitis: Tendon inflammation
  • Fractures: Bone cracks or breaks
  • Rotator cuff injury: Shoulder injury
  • Joint dislocations

If you’re hurt, or suspect you might be, stop exercise or sports play immediately. Rest the injury, apply ice for swelling, and elevate the injury if possible. Reach out to TruWell Health to learn the next steps as soon as you can.

Can you treat a sports injury without surgery?

In most cases, the answer is yes. At TruWell Health, the team of experienced sports medicine providers uses nonsurgical pain management and healing protocols to support you and bring on a full recovery.

Pain relief may include options like trigger point injections and hyaluronic acid injections that numb pain and relieve inflammation.

Your TruWell Health specialist may also recommend regenerative medicine treatments, which infuse the injured area with growth factors, healing platelets, and new cells that repair the damage naturally.

Physical therapy, including exercises at home, is a key part of your recovery. With physical therapy, you strengthen your body’s built-in support system to help you guard against new injury.

TruWell Health is proud to offer comprehensive sports injury care from leading experts. Call the office or book an appointment with the online scheduling tool.