Physical therapy is a safe, effective way of treating many health problems, particularly musculoskeletal conditions. The pain medicine specialists at TruWell Health in St. Petersburg, Florida, provide exceptional services for patients struggling with chronic conditions like arthritis, including a variety of physical therapies. At their fully-equipped physical therapy suite, you can benefit from cutting-edge ultrasound and electrical stimulation treatments, as well as rehabilitative exercises. Call TruWell Health to book an appointment today or schedule your consultation using the online tool.

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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is the use of exercises (active therapy) and advanced technologies (passive therapies) to rehabilitate patients following injury, illness, or surgery.

The use of physical therapy is fundamental to managing chronic pain conditions like arthritis. As one of the conservative approaches to managing musculoskeletal pain, physical therapy often forms part of a patient’s treatment program.

A program of physical therapy is highly beneficial for:

  • Keeping joints mobile
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Maintaining connective tissue elasticity

TruWell Health has an on-site department dedicated to physical therapy, which forms part of its integrative treatment program StrengthCare.

What is the StrengthCare physical therapy program?

The StrengthCare physical therapy program is a set of five resistance movements. These movements deliver an overload to the muscles involved in posture, physical function, and injury prevention.

By following a long-term StrengthCare physical therapy program, you can reduce the pain, joint stiffness, and loss of function that are hallmarks of arthritis. StrengthCare can form a valuable part of your treatment program if you have:

  • Mild to moderate arthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Osteoporosis

Before you start any physical therapy program, it’s important to ensure you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

Am I a good candidate for physical therapy?

Most patients can benefit from physical therapy in some form, but certain people need to be cautious. If you’ve had joint replacement surgery, for example, you must have clearance from your surgeon to take part in a program like StrengthCare.

If you have a problem like angina (heart pain) or high blood pressure, you need to have an evaluation before enrolling in StrengthCare to make sure you don’t overstress your cardiovascular system.

Even patients who have significant pain and loss of function can benefit from a suitable physical therapy program. At TruWell Health, each patient receives the most appropriate form of physical therapy for their condition.

How do I take advantage of physical therapy services?

Physical therapy might form an add-on to your treatment plan. If an X-ray reveals you have a need, Lora Brown, MD, may prescribe physical therapy.

The physical therapy services at TruWell Health are available only to patients who are undergoing treatment with the practice. It’s not possible to walk in off the street and use the facilities.

To find out more about the benefits of physical therapy and the StrengthCare program, call TruWell Health today or book your appointment online.