At TruWell Health, we have an on-site department dedicated to physical therapy. PT is a part of our integrative treatment program. To learn more, please contact our experienced team. We provide a complimentary physician consultation so you can learn more about your options and your condition. Please call (727) 440-5410 to arrange your visit.

StrengthCare Physical Therapy Program

At TruWell Health, ourprogram is called StrengthCare. It is a suite of five resistancemovements that deliver a highly effective overload to the essential muscles for posture, function and injury prevention. Adherence to a long-term program of these treatments can result in increased ability to work, play and socialize with a lower risk of injury, while reducing the pain and functional loss from weakness, arthritis and joint stiffness.

Patients requiring StrengthCare include those with:

  • Mild to moderate arthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Someone wishing to regain lost strength

Basically any patient of ours, without significant physical limitations, can be recommended to join the StrengthCare program.

Contraindications to Enrollment – Are You A Candidate?

Any patient with controlled blood pressure and without active angina is a candidate for the program. Patients with significant de-conditioning and/or difficulties with independent ambulation should be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist before enrolling in StrengthCare.

Patients with joint replacements must have been cleared by their surgeons for routine recreational activity. Patients with hip replacements must not have had a history of prosthesis dislocations or be under active hip precautions. Patients with a history of osteoporotic fractures must have been released to normal activities.

The StrengthCare Physical Therapy Program

The central program consists of four strength movements that consist of lowering a maximal weight eccentrically and raising a lighter weight concentrically for approximately ten repetitions. These exercises will be done under supervision. When you can successfully perform all ten repetitions, the resistance will be raised. These movements are:

  • Squat Lift
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Hamstring Leg Curl

One additional supervised exercise will be performed isometrically, meaning that you will be assisted in raising a weight to the desired position and then attempt to hold the weight in that position for 30 seconds. This isometric exercise is the Lumbar Extension Hold.

In addition to the five strengthening exercises, you will be able to do warm-up exercises independently on the FitRoom wall-mounted exercise station, prior to the resistance training.

If you wish to strengthen the upper extremities (this can be done independently), rowing exercises can be done on the wall-mounted station and dumbbells will be available for pressing movements. Finally, warm up or cool down can be done on the recumbent exercycle and a vibration platform can be used for generalized musculoskeletal stimulation.

Because of the additional stimulus of eccentric loading; this program should only be done once a week. The supervised resistance portion will require 30 minutes per client.

Physical Therapy Program Cost

The StrengthCare program costs $120 per month ($30 per session). It may be eligible for Medicare Advantage program support and Health Savings Account distributions. Similarly, the payments can be deducted for tax purposes as a medical expenditure.

Contact TruWell Health to Schedule a Consultation

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