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Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Lora Brown

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TruWell’s founder, Dr. Lora Brown, is a double board-certified physician and nationally-renowned leader in the field of stem cell therapy. After working for more than 15 years as an interventional pain management physician, Dr. Brown has committed herself to the field of functional regenerative medicine.

Dr. Brown is a leader in her field at local, state and national levels. She conducts teaching clinics, speaks at national and international conferences and has served on several national professional boards and committees.

By working at the forefront of modern medicine, she helps her patients achieve total health and wellness by employing the most innovative techniques and advanced technology currently available.

Dr. Michael MacMillan

Dr. MacMillan

Dr. MacMillan finished medical school in 1980 and began his post graduate residency at the University of Florida Department of Orthopedic Surgery. After his six-year residency he completed spinal surgery fellowships in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and at Southern Illinois University in Springfield, Illinois.

He began his spinal surgery practice at the University of Florida in 1988 on the faculty in the Department of Orthopedics. He remained on staff until 1998 when he went into private practice at the Jewett Clinic in Orlando. He returned to academic practice at the University of Florida in 2005. He retired from surgical practice in 2018. In addition to working at TruWell Health, Dr. MacMillan continues to develop new technologies related to spinal surgical procedures and implants. He lives with his wife, Cathy, in St. Petersburg Florida and has a son Cameron.

Scott Haefele

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Scott Haefele is a licensed physical therapist. He works with a wide range of patients, including professional athletes from Major League Baseball. Scott has seen first-hand how regenerative therapies have enhanced his patients' healing process. Scott utilizes his knowledge and experience in both physical therapy and regenerative medicine when caring for our patients.

Scott completed a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at Hodgeschool Enschede, in Enschede, Netherlands, in 1996. He owned and operated Saint Pete MRI, a diagnostic imaging facility, from 1999 to 2010. He is also the owner and operator of Wellbridge Rehabilitation Inc., which provides physical and occupational therapy to people in their homes and to residents of assisted living facilities.

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