How Does Interventional Pain Management Really Work?

Truwell Health’s team is composed of experts in various medical fields, including interventional pain management. But what does that mean? Interventional pain management is a targeted approach to pain relief where patients undergo minor surgeries, injections, and techniques to specific areas of the body. Whether your pain is chronic or acute, it can help manage or relieve your discomfort. If medication is out of the picture and surgery isn’t an option, interventional pain management can help alleviate your discomfort.

So, how does interventional pain management work to treat your pain? Let’s focus on areas most commonly targeted through the process and the methods that we can apply.

Diagnosing and Methods

Depending on the intensity and location of your pain, we can focus on a specific method of interventional pain management for diagnosis and relief. These areas include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle and bone pain

Some conditions that might require interventional pain management can be chronic pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, a herniated disk, spinal stenosis, and more.

Once we pinpoint your pain, only then do we strategize how to tackle the affected area. At Truwell Health, Dr. Lora L. Brown incorporates a variety of interventional pain management methods in her work.

Each method avoids the pain and time associated with surgeries. Our physical therapy program incorporates proprietary devices that strengthen areas like the back, hip, and legs. Likewise, IV therapy hydrates the patient’s joints for anti-inflammatory purposes. Injections utilize medicines like steroids or opioids to temporarily relieve pain from targeted areas, most commonly the lower back. However, some injections, such as a selective nerve root block, are used first to diagnose your pain, followed by a second injection of lidocaine and cortisone to apply long-term relief to the affected area. Radiofrequency Rhizotomy uses a combination of x-rays and electrodes to basically “switch off” a nerve’s ability to perceive pain. However, you will want to combine these treatments with physical therapy to receive the full healing effect.

Applying Your Methods

For example, we can treat back pain in multiple ways ranging from epidural injections directly to the spine, facet joint injections, and Radiofrequency. Also, procedures such as Percutaneous Discectomy can remove or decompress painful areas around the spine.

We treat headaches and migraines with Occipital nerve blocks. These injections, applied to the back of the head, use a small amount of corticosteroid and usually go by quickly.

Other areas targeted through interventional pain management include neck pain. With x-rays, we can use radiofrequency nerve ablation to apply heat that disables the exact nerves causing you pain. On the flipside, cryogenic cooling is similar, but instead of using heat, it’s freezing that shuts your nerves down temporarily.

Other key areas of pain include shoulders, hips, and knees, which we can target directly through Major Joint Injections. Other procedures are available to help, such as electrical stimulation for spine-related conditions like Parkinson’s disease. These electrical pulses are sent directly inside your body to the affected area, such as the spine or brain.

Any procedure performed is given the utmost care. Through anesthesia, we can deal with possible discomfort. Furthermore, these procedures are less invasive than surgery. Interventional pain management might be your best bet if medication isn’t available or strong enough to treat your chronic pain.

Directly Targeting Your Pain

Our interventional pain management methods directly target and relieve any pain you are suffering, no matter how acute or chronic. Of course, we have only scratched the surface of different treatments that can be applied. Are you feeling pain and aren’t sure if it falls under our interventional pain management options? Let’s set up an appointment and figure out your pain together! Once we determine the causes of your discomfort, we can apply the most effective treatment you need to provide manageable relief.



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