Benefits of Interventional Pain Management

Chronic pain doesn’t have to control your entire life. Choosing interventional pain management over other healing methods has its benefits. For example, medication can diminish your pain, but you might have to suffer through various side effects over weeks until you feel the relief you need. Surgeries provide a direct fix but are invasive and pricey. On the other hand, interventional pain management stops pain at the source with minimal to no invasive procedures. Let’s dig into more of the benefits.

Direct Treatment with Quick Results

At TruWell Health, we offer a variety of techniques to treat your chronic pain. Not only does interventional pain management provide direct treatment to chronic pain cases, but these methods also heal quicker. Advanced treatments like epidural and joint injections help with arthritis and joint pain. Injections can start reducing your pain as quickly as a few days. These treatments can also be combined with therapy to improve a patient’s mobility.

Other interventional pain management treatments include:

  • Stem cell therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy
  • Viscosupplementation
  • Ultrasound heat therapy
  • IV vitamin infusions

No Dependency and Long-Term Relief

With narcotics and other medications, you always run the chance of addiction. Also, as time goes on, the medicine prescribed for your pain might lose its effect, leading you to higher doses, new medication, or a combination of multiple drugs. With interventional pain management, our procedures can relieve pain for months or even years. These methods reduce the amount of medication needed to treat your pain and sometimes eliminate the need entirely. Without a never-ending supply of drugs, the difference adds up financially and physically.

Minimal, If Any, Invasive Treatments

Surgeries can provide a permanent solution to your chronic pain. However, these surgeries can fail, and the risk of infection and other dangerous situations are high. You might have to do multiple procedures! With interventional pain management, treatments are quick and easy; a quick injection and you are done. Even without injections, interventional pain management methods provide more immediate solutions without the serious risks involved in surgeries and other healing solutions.

Restore, Not Bandage Your Body

With treatments such as regenerative medicine, TruWell Health can restore your body instead of numbing the pain for it to return after your meds run out. Treatments such as stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and other cellular therapies to rebuild and strengthen areas of the body. We believe methods like this can help restore the cartilage destroyed by arthritis and help reduce inflammation that can worsen osteoarthritis. We not only treat your pain, but we revitalize areas of your body.

Our interventional pain management methods directly target and relieve any pain you are suffering, no matter how acute or chronic. The benefits far outway the negatives that come with narcotics and invasive surgeries. Do you have chronic pain and wish to get rid of it forever? Let’s set up an appointment and discuss how Truwell Health can relieve you without the constant back and forth that comes with traditional medicine.



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