3 Ways We Can Help Relieve Your Joint Pain

Your joints have a big job to do — so it’s no surprise that after a while, they tend to hurt a little bit. But if your joint pain is more frequent and it’s cutting into your daily activities, there might be more going on. Untreated pain in your joints leads to more damage, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Our team at TruWell Health in St. Petersburg, Florida, are specialists in many of the conditions that cause joint pain. Our two orthopedic specialists, Dr. Lora Brown and Dr. Michael MacMillan get your joint pain under control with a number of different therapies, including regenerative medicine and physical therapy.

Causes of joint pain

Because you use your joints all day every day, they’re prone to injury and degeneration over time. This is because your joint is made up of bones, tendons, and cartilage, all of which allow you to move without pain.

But when one of those structures suffers an injury, it can be devastating to your daily life. Not only does it cause pain, but it also leads to disability in some cases, too. Your joint pain may stem from injuries or chronic health conditions, including:

Arthritis is one of the main reasons for joint pain, although there are more than 100 different kinds. Osteoarthritis, the most common type, is caused by the degeneration of the cartilage in your joint. It leads to pain and inflammation because your bones no longer have the cartilage to protect them from damage.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common form of arthritis that happens when your immune system mistakenly attacks the lining in your joints. This often causes swelling and deformity in many of the joints in your body.

No matter what’s leading to your joint pain, we offer treatments that reduce your symptoms so you can continue doing the activities you love.

3 treatments that can relieve your pain

When you have joint pain, Dr. Brown and Dr. MacMillan evaluate your symptoms to determine what type of treatment is right for you. They may also order specialized imaging such as an MRI or X-ray to determine the damage in your joint.

Depending on the severity of your joint disorder, we recommend several different treatments to ease your pain. Conservative measures are always the first line of treatment, as they aren’t invasive and often work for minor pain. However, if your condition is more severe, we recommend the following treatments:

1. IV therapy

Intravenous therapy is a way for you to get pain relief without having to undergo surgery. Our team uses ingredients, such as electrolytes, vitamins, and other nutrients, to provide hydration to your joints. These solutions provide anti-inflammatory properties to your joints as well, leading to less pain.

2. Physical therapy

Another treatment our team incorporates into your treatment plan is physical therapy. This type of therapy incorporates light strength training and resistance movements to improve your flexibility. It also helps you to improve your posture and prevent injuries down the road. Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to your therapy regimen to ensure your treatment plan addresses your unique symptoms from every angle.

3. Regenerative medicine

At TruWell Health, we also offer state-of-the-art regenerative medicine to get rid of your joint pain. Stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy are two forms of regenerative medicine that we offer.

Stem cells are used for joint disorders because they have the ability to become any type of cell your body needs to repair damage. In the case of your joint, these cells can become muscle or cartilage cells to help heal the damage caused by arthritis.

Platelet-rich plasma injections use your own cells to help regenerate and repair damage inside your joints. Your platelets contain special growth proteins that are vital to healing damaged tissues within your body. When injected into your painful joint, PRP injections work to stimulate your body’s own healing process.

Don’t let joint pain continue to run your life; call our office today at 727-361-2162 or book an appointment online  to learn more about the treatments we offer.



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